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Pictured: 2023 National DSSA Top Price Dorper Ram Dell 210621 'Punch" sold for $20,000.


Supreme Dorper & White Dorper Sale Results 2015

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Sold 3 rams to top of $2800 sold to return client Frank Old & Sons Ave:  $1967
Sold 3 ewes to top of $5000 to Ave $2933

Dell Dorpers 130077 Top priced ewe of $5000 with ewe lamb at foot sold to Grant & Julie Glinski, Wirlinga Park Dorpers & White Dorpers, Wirlinga via Albury, NSW
Buyer Grant & Julie Glinski, Vendor Andrea van Niekerk, Lachlan Collins, Landmark Echuca holding the top priced Dorper ewe >>





1 ewe sold to the top of $2100 to Ave $2100

Top priced White Dorper Ewe African J478 sold for $2100 with ram lamb at foot to return clients Join Voitin & Sons, Maladorn White Dorpers, Deepdene, VIC






Dumisa & African White Dorpers

purchased the top priced White Dorper Ram of $8000 from Wirlinga Park Stud, Albury.
L-R Lachlan Collins Landmark Echuca selling agent, buyer Andrea van Niekerk and vendor Julie Glinski of Wirling Park.

$8000 was the highest price ever paid for a ram at the Supreme Dorper & White Dorper Sale held in Bendigo.







2 rams sold to the top of $6000 to Ave $4000
2 ewes sold to the top of $1400 to Ave $1400

Picture below
2nd top priced White Dorper Ram Dumisa 140129 sold for $6000 to return clients, Brendon Duncan of Glen Park White Dorpers & Phil Larwood of Bunnerungie White Dorpers both via Wentworth, NSW.