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DELL 'JUKE' 1002

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Registration Number: D411 100002
Natural Single
DOB: 15th January 2011
Sire: Dell Dorpers “Hercules” 8014 (sire of famous Dell “Baby Doll III”)
Dam: Dell Dorpers 8202 by “John Dell “ALARM”

Comment: Very safe sound sire, breeds true to type, large framed, good shedding progeny. Juke's sons topped Dell Dorpers 1st on farm sale in 2012 at $14 000 sold to The Croft, SA, $11000 sold to Cowra Dorpers, Mildura, VIC & $9750 sold to Swamp Road Dorpers, Red Cliffs, VIC. At the Supreme Dorper & White Dorper Sale held at the ASWS 2013 in Bendigo lot 1 Dell Dorpers 120079 topped the sale at $3700 sold to Brendon Duncan, Glen Park Dorpers, Wentworth, NSW. Dell Juke 1002 has been sold to J & M Pippin, Cowra Dorpers, Mildura, VIC

Dell Juke 1002