Dorper Past Sires


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Registration Number: D411 110046
South African Embryo
DOB: 28th March 2011
Classifications: Type 5 (C4/T5)
Sire: John Dell “Jake” 26566 Type 5 (Son of famous leading sire in South African Mickey Phillips “ROLO”)
Dam: John Dell 59/8590 Type 5

Comment: Comment: Long, deep correct ram with a great temperament and a masculine head.

Sire of Dell “MACHINE” 130197 Type 5.  Top priced Dorper ram of $11 000 on Dell, African, Dumisa 3rd on Property Sale 2014, sold to Oakview Dorpers, Toolamba, VIC and Olsen Park Dorpers, Koondrook, VIC

Dell Honuna Jnr 120506  Dell Honuna Jnr 120506