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Pictured: 2023 National DSSA Top Price Dorper Ram Dell 210621 'Punch" sold for $20,000.


2011 Dorper Ram Sale Report

Dell Dorpers Rams topped at $ 5200 and averaged $ 2960

Dell Dorpers ewes topped at $ 2500 and averaged $ 2166

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Dell Dorpers Petunia 9019

Senior & Grand Champion Dorper Ewe with lambs at foot at the NSW Championships held in Dubbo, 27th May 2011


Held by Andrea and Moozie van Niekerk with judge David Curtis Bellevue Dorpers.

Dell Delago 9070
  • Reserve Senior Champion Dorper Ram, Dubbo National Dorper Show September 2010.
  • Champion Dorper Ram, Supreme Dorper Exhibit and Champion Ram of all breeds at the Wangarrata State Feature Show October 2010.
  • Champion Dorper Ram and champion of all breeds at the Berrigan Show 2010 judged by Graham Pickles Burrawang Dorpers.

Delago Delago Delago


Dell Baby DollDell "Baby Doll III"

  • Senior Champion Dorper Ewe
  • Grand Champion Dorper Ewe and
  • Supreme Dorper Exhibit

- The Dorper National Show 2011 at Dubbo.

Dell Dorpers "HATRICK" at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011

(Below Left) Dell Delago 9070 gives Dell Dorpers its"Hatrick" at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011.
(Below Right) Dell Dorpers “Baby Doll 3” 10127 Junior Champion Dorper Ewe and Grand Champion Dorper Ewe at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011..

Dell Delago  Dell Baby Doll

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