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2020 Sale Update





Online Dell African Dumisa Diamond Ewe Auction

Monday 5th October 4.30pm - 8pm

We are offering 80 of our Elite Stud ewes (Diamonds) via Auctions plus.



9th Annual On Property Ram Sale

Tuesday 6th October 2020

We will be offering 110 Dorper and White Dorper rams at our on property sale.


2018 On Farm Sale results

* 51 of 54 Dorper rams to $6000, av $1578

* 15 of 17 White Dorper rams to $4500, av $1470

* 45 of 45 Dorper ewes to $2000, av $743

* 20 of 20 White Dorper ewes to $1200, av $590


Dell Dorpers 170300 the top priced ram at the seventh annual Dell African Dumisa, Dorpers and White Dorpers sale went to Wirlinga Dorpers, Albury for $6000.

Matt & Zaya Wood from Khan Dorper stud, were a bulk buyer including the top priced ewe.

2018 DSSA Southern Region Show & Australian Sheep & Wool Show

Dell, African & Dumisa had huge success at the Australian Sheep & Wool show and DSSA Southern Region Show 2018, winning:

  • Senior & Grand Champion White Dorper Ewe - African
  • Junior Champion White Dorper Ram - African
  • Junior Champion Dorper Ewe
  • Senior Champion & Reserve Champion Dorper Ewe - Dell
  • Grand Champion Dorper Ewe - Dell
  • Reserve Junior Champion Dorper Ram - Dumisa
  • Reserve Senior Champion Dorper Ram - Dell  

And Much More!                            

                                                                                          Grand Champion Dorper Ewe & White Dorper Ewe - Dell 160014 & African 170026 


Reserve Senior Champion - Dell 160797









Reserve Senior Champion - Dell 160797                                                                                  Junior Champion - African 170606

2017 National White Dorper & Dorper Show

Dell African & Dumisa had huge success at the Australian Sheep & Wool show and National White Dorper & Dorper Show 2017, winning both the Supreme White Dorper & the Supreme Dorper Exhibit!

Supreme White Dorper - African 160542 











Supreme Dorper - Dell 140076 

Dell 'Stretchy" 140076 took out the supreme ribbon for a third time in a row! 











Below is a full list of their results. 

Junior Champion White Dorper Ewe - Dumisa.   

Junior Champion White Dorper Ram - African.   
Grand Champion White Dorper Ram - African.

Senior Champion Dorper Ewe - Dell.   

Reserve Senior Champion Dorper Ewe - Dell.
Grand Champion Dorper Ewe - Dell.

Junior Champion Dorper Ram - Dell.  

Reserve Senior Champion Dorper Ram - Dell.
Grand Champion Dorper Ram - Dell.

2016 National Dorper & White Dorper Show

At the 2016 Australian Sheep and Wool Show & National Dorper Show, Dell Dorpers "Stretchy" 140076 came equal in the Supreme Droper Exhibit with Kaya Dorpers.

That makes it 8 out 9 years that Dell have won!

Picture below of Dell Stretchy 140076 the Senior, Grand Champion & Supreme Dorper Exhibit at the ASWS & the National Dorper Show 2016

Dell Stretchy also went on to win the Interbreed clean skin exhibit!

Dell Won the group class section of the Interbreed clean skin exhibit with 150045, 150112 & 150092

2016 Southern Region Supreme Dorper & White Dorper Sale

Dell Dorpers “Freddie” 140186 toped the sale going for $ 7 000.

He was sold to Pat, Brad & Tanya,  Edson Black, Keith, SA  

Supreme Dorper & White Dorper Sale Results 2015

Sold 3 rams to top of $ 2 800 and 3 ewes to top of $ 5 000

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Supreme Dorper & White Dorpers Show 2015

At the Australian Sheep & Wool Show Dell Dorpers have won the SUPREME DORPER EXHIBIT 7 out of 8 years including 2015!  This means Dell has had the best Dorper in the shed!


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3rd Dell, African & Dumisa On Property Sale 2014

Dell Dorpers top price of $ 11 000 sold to the a partnership of Hewitt Family of Olsen Park Dorpers, Koondrook, VIC & the Trazzera family of Oakview Dorpers, Toolamba, VIC




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2nd Dell Dorpers & African & Dumisa White Dorpers Annual On Property Auction

Top Priced Dorper RamRecord Price in Australia in 2013
CONGRATULATIONS Top Priced Dorper Ram in Australia in 2013 purchased by Brendon Duncan of Glen Park Dorpers

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See us at the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL SALE 6th September 2013 - “SELLING ASWS 2013 CHAMPIONS”

Imported South African ChampionsImported South African full Brother & Sister Duet!
Grand Champions @ ASWS 2013

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Dell Dorpers 1st on Property Sale 2012 Results

Top Priced Dorper Ram 2012The top priced Dorper Ram was sold for $ 14,000 to a partnership between The Croft and Nonning from SA. Pictured below are buyers Norm & Callum Somerville and Allan Thomson from Elders Naracoorte, SA.

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Dell Baby Doll III makes history in the Dorper World

First ewe to win the Supreme Dorper Exhibit twice in a row at the Australian Dorper Nationals 2011 & 2012

2011 Dorper Ram Sale Report

Dell Dorpers Rams topped at $ 5200 and averaged $ 2960

Dell Dorpers ewes topped at $ 2500 and averaged $ 2166

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Dell Dorpers Petunia 9019

Senior & Grand Champion Dorper Ewe with lambs at foot at the NSW Championships held in Dubbo, 27th May 2011


Held by Andrea and Moozie van Niekerk with judge David Curtis Bellevue Dorpers.

Dell Delago 9070
  • Reserve Senior Champion Dorper Ram, Dubbo National Dorper Show September 2010.
  • Champion Dorper Ram, Supreme Dorper Exhibit and Champion Ram of all breeds at the Wangarrata State Feature Show October 2010.
  • Champion Dorper Ram and champion of all breeds at the Berrigan Show 2010 judged by Graham Pickles Burrawang Dorpers.

Delago Delago Delago


Dell Baby DollDell "Baby Doll III"

  • Senior Champion Dorper Ewe
  • Grand Champion Dorper Ewe and
  • Supreme Dorper Exhibit

- The Dorper National Show 2011 at Dubbo.

Dell Dorpers "HATRICK" at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011

(Below Left) Dell Delago 9070 gives Dell Dorpers its"Hatrick" at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011.
(Below Right) Dell Dorpers “Baby Doll 3” 10127 Junior Champion Dorper Ewe and Grand Champion Dorper Ewe at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2011..

Dell Delago  Dell Baby Doll

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